Playground Surfacing isn't something we do. It's all we do.

Sport Surface Specialties DuraTurf® Premium Safety Surfaces are designed to the specification of each customer. Working together with our clients we can assure that all critical components of each project reflect the type of use, climate, and are compliant with all regulations.

Sport Surface Specialties works with chemists consistently to design and improve our polymers for each surface application in order to maximize its color, durability, and structure so that the play surface will last for many years through all seasons and harsh climate conditions.

We provide a variety of products including our lines of Dura Turf PIP a premium poured in place surface, Dura Turf Bonded a durable rubber mulch surface, Dura Turf Splash, a state of the art water park surface, Dura Turf Trail a PIP or Bonded product that will make any walking trail safe and durable, KidPlay Synthetic Turf system, a safe clean low maintenance natural grass look. Dura Turf products are available in a variety of colors or color combinations.

Maintenance programs for new and existing surfaces are available.

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Playground Surfacing Resources

Playground Surfacing isn't something we do, it's all we do. Because we're heavily focused on playground surfacing, we're always investing in playground surfacing specific resources and are proud to share those resources with our customers. Below are a few different pieces of content to help you build and design a playground, from the surface up!

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Playground Surfacing Products

Poured In Place Rubber Playground Surfacing - 

Poured in Place Rubber is the most durable playground surfacing option, but it also tends to be the most expensive. A benefit of Duraturf PIP is the capability of designing it in any color combination or maintaining a solid color throughout. Add your organization's logo right into your rubber surfacing, or create a design that reflects who or what your organization stands for.

The materials used in DuraTurf PIP surfacing systems are tested extensively to confirm their quality. Our installation crews are trained and our products are IPEMA tested. We commit ourselves to the highest quality products and service, so get in contact today!

Bonded Rubber Playground Surfacing

Dura Turf Bonded by Sport Surface Specialties offers a traditional, natural look to your surface. Dura Turf Bonded uses premium 100% recycled shredded rubber, and offers a variety of color options that give you the look of shredded natural fiber mulch, without the maintenance of loose mulch.

Dura Turf Bonded is a one layer process that still allows for simple graphics and color combinations making your surface one of a kind, while still meeting or exceeding the industry standards for safety. Dura Turf Bonded is a 100% Recycled rubber product.

Splash Pad Water Play Surfacing

DuraTurf Splash provides a state of the art, attractive and durable surface for any water play area. The ideal choice for those looking to create inspiring water play areas with striking colors, and creative graphics. It is a non-slip surface that will withstand the wear and tear of contact chlorinated water and use. 

DuraTurf Splash is a slip-resistant surface that has been developed to improve the safety of outdoor splash pads. The seamless surface uses a chlorine resistant binder, as well as TPV rubber that has been tested to resist the effects of constant water pressure. This helps to promote longevity of the surface, in the harsh conditions of water play. We utilize the same materials, tested for quality, as represented in other DuraTurf products!

Trail Surfacing

DuraTurf Trail by Sport Surface Specialties will transform all of your walking trails into beautiful, safer and more durable rubber pathways and trails. Knee and back impact is greatly reduced and the surface is slip resistant.  DuraTurf Trail creates an attractive alternative to traditional trails offering low maintenance and high durability.  No more muddy trails, and eliminates out of control weeds.  Debris is more visible helping to eliminate injuries caused by stones, broken glass or other potentially hazardous material left on the trail. 

Synthetic Turf Playground SurfacingSport Surface Specialties LLC KidPlay synthetic turf systems offer safe, clean, soft playing surfaces. KidPlay is durable and non-abrasive providing longevity and realistic appeal of freshly cut natural grass. Utilize our synthetic turf in playgrounds, dog parks, and other recreation areas!

Contact us today to find out more about why you should choose Dura Turf products by Sport Surface Specialties for your next project.